L’Actuel offers volunteering opportunities related to its services and activities.

Our volunteering opportunities


-Helping donors in the yard
-Process donations
-Sort goods according to established criteria
-Help stock the thrift shop
-Keep areas clean

Thrift store

-Hang clothes
-Stock displays
-Tidy up store
-Supervise fitting rooms
-Keep areas clean
-Greet customers
-Help with the cash register


Food bank

-Place food on shelves
-Welcome users
-Help users in their choice of food
-Prepare food bags

Medical transport

-Validate the route to the appointment
-Confirm arrival time with patient
-Drive the patient from home to the appointment site
-Maintain conversation in the car
-Wait on site for the person you are accompanying
-Drive the person home

Friendly visit

-Talk with the person you’re visiting
-Organize indoor activities
-Take a walk outside with the elderly person
-Drink coffee with senior
-Accompany client on small errands

Kitchen duties

-Supervise groups
-Organize cooking workshop
-Wash dishes and tidy up


-Welcoming people who come to the center
-Answer the phone
-Dispatch transportation accompaniment, i.e. match beneficiaries with available volunteers
-Support the receptionist in her tasks

Delivery and collection

-Validate route to location
-Drive the L’Actuel vehicle
-Collect food from businesses
-Transport food boxes
-Load and unload truck
-Deliver grocery bags and gifts to users



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