The Fondation L’Actuel’s mission is to contribute to the development of services and to the realization of the Centre d’action bénévole L’Actuel’s projects.

The Fondation was born in 2004, of the committee’s desire to find financing solutions for L’Actuel.

The money raised comes from the Foundation’s activities, corporate donations, private donations, monthly donations and directed donations. Since 2017, the L’Actuel Foundation has organized an annual fundraising cocktail reception to support L’Actuel’s services.


2020 L’Actuel Foundation administrator

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Jean-François Blanchard

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Jean-Marie Bourassa

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Sonia Drolet

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André Gingras

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Dominique Janelle

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Gabrielle Lecavalier

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Monique Létourneau

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Jean St-Pierre

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Claude Tardif

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Sylvie Tremblay

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Eva Vyncke

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