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To become a volunteer

With customers

  • To welcome people and answer the phone
  • To give reassuring phone calls
  • To place items in the thrift shop (Boutique-Friperie)
  • To welcome customers at the thrift shop (Boutique-Friperie)

With beneficiaries

  • To attend and drive a person to a medical appointment
  • To give a break to a new mother of a newborn child aged less than 6 months
  • To lead collective kitchen cooking groups
  • To visit an elderly person once a week
  • To prepare or deliver frozen meals orders

With recycling

  • To receive and to sort donations

With fundraising activities

We need you for our fundraising activities such as: gift wrapping, Opération Nez Rouge, etc.

With maintenance and renovation

  • Interior maintenance/landscaping

Become a volunteer!

First name (mandatory)

Last name (mandatory)

Telephone number

E-mail address


CustumersBeneficiariesRecyclingFundraising activitiesMaintenance and renovation

Do you need help to make your choice?

You are invited to download the above document and to fill it out. Your answers will help to identify what you want to accomplish as a volunteer and will help us to better guide and advise you.


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